Is Digital Marketing a Good Career ?

Is Digital Marketing a good career let us explore that question

as we can see the trend digital marketing growing day by day as it has its benefits to customers and businessman both in their respective way.

customers get product on their doorsteps, a better knowledge about the product more than ever before, got many choices among products and many more

Digital Marketing is beneficial for businessman equally they get more reach in less money and time without and geographical boundation

what makes a career a good career ?

  1. Market Demand: new methods of marketing are welcomed in this digital age as digital market gives you the better reach and cost effective marketing, there is excess demand such skills

  2. Scope: as move forward to the digital age tech is going to be the most important part of our life, business houses need people to market their product on the internet.

  3. Entry Barrier: tech is still new to many of us due to its rapid change, every day we hear about some new innovation in the technology currently we have there is little less competition compare to conventional professions

  4. Difficulty in learning skill: tech is little bit difficult to understand but can be learn over the time with the proper guides and now days we have hundreds of online courses available on this subject matter

  5. Salary: the money you going to earn is depend on the difficulty to that particular skill, its the pretty much higher if you work for yourself

  6. Stress: the stress is depend on the working hours in this case yes there is stress as all IT company reports.

  7. Work place: a well organised room with AC, a desk job basically

In Key Points:

1. Market Demand

2. Scope

3. Entry Barrier

4. Difficulty in learning skill

5. Salary

6. Stress

7. Work place

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