Best way to start Digital Marketing: From where do we start Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing is just simply market your product or yourself in case of personal branding though digital touch point of the customer, some years ago there are few but now a days we got many as we are in the digital age we grow up with the screen and we will probably die watching screen the whole point is that now we have understand the behavior of our customer as well as the tough point he goes though once you identified these tough points e.g. smartphone most of the people grab their phone by the second they wake-up and what they do is scroll down all the notifications they have so that could be the answer of your problem some how you just need to put your notification in their phone and boom your work is done but always remember to use a catchy line and demand driven statement. the one question is still unanswered still how you going to do that exactly and here the tricky part comes

  1. first you need to identify that which touch point is most suitable to communicate your message to your customer once you did that on bases of your product functionality then

  2. you have to build a platform in the case to smart phone you can develop a app or in case of computer you can have a website well now days website are mobile friendly so that works both way

  3. you can think of alternative here also you may social media platform rather than building your own

  4. when you selected the platform to promote your product now you have to make your landing page action driven, the clear navigation to your product information

  5. must collect email or phone number so you can remind them about your product. To collect the information you may use tools available in the market.

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